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Wednesday, November 24


Although we went straight to Avignon after Rasteau, it was night when we got there, and coming out of the parking garage where we left the car, we were faced with the Cour du Palais des Papes, and the southern face of the Palais looming in sodium light... We'd had no idea it was so stunning! We'd made a reservation with a restaurant in the guidebook, but another one caught my eye, right next to the Palais, and we just went in. Turned out to be one of the finer tables in the area, by a chef called Christian Etienne, and we had food maybe one notch below Michelin Three Star level... The somelier turned out to be American, from Nevada, but married to a local girl, and though he pissed Ivonne off by steering us towards the expensive wines at first, we ended up on better terms, both Kelly and I reminescing about eating at the Louis XV in Monte Carlo, since he'd worked for Ducasse's other restaurant in Monaco. Ahhh, the bread cart! We stuck to Vacqueyras and tried a "Les Genestes" 2000 from Les Amouriers which was just superb on my Pork & Fall Vegetables menu and Ivonne's veal. Dessert was an ice cream flavoured with Cepes mushroom for me, and a chocolate extravaganza for Ivonne. It was delicious! Location : Avignon, France

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