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Sunday, January 23

Who Am I?

By popular request : (Updated on 29/03/2005) I was born of French parents in the south of France on the 11th of May, 1974. My parents lived in Algeria at the time, but Mom wanted to give birth to me, her first-born, in her native city. We stayed in Algiers for two years before moving back to Paris in 1976, and my kid brother Greg was born one year later in that city. We moved to the US in 1983, in the Greater Boston area, Concord, MA, to be precise. Both my brother and I picked the yankee twang in a few months, and I also picked up some extra pounds I've never managed to lose. We never requested US nationality. We moved back to Paris in 1986, and went to bilingual schools to keep up the lingo. Learned to pronounce 'R' as a consonant, not a vowel. In 1997 I married a French woman eight years my senior, Pauline. She had a daughter called ChloƩ, 11 at the time, which I claimed as my daughter. Best thing I ever did. The marriage did not work out, and we got a divorce in 2001, but I'm still ChloƩ's dad, happily. In late 2003, I was on the verge of moving to NYC on a $200,000/year job, and decided to look for friends on Yahoo Personals NYC. I met my Princess there, fell in love, and promptly failed to get the job, as the start-up tanked. Princess and I have been in a long-distance relationship since then, and in 2004 I made Gold Elite status three times over on air miles. I'm currently trying to secure a US job with my current employer (sadly, nowhere NEAR $200,000/year). We're in the Work Visa stage, and it just seems to take forever. It also prevents me from leaving Europe while it is on-going. Meaning I haven't seen my Princess since October. Hence the angry posts about the Visa thing now and then. Well, that job tanked as well, so we're back to the remote loving for a while. Working on plan B, another start-up. More on that in the next few days and weeks. Well, that's it, I guess, at least for now. I'll permalink this in the sidebar for the newcomers. Y'all have a good one, ya hear? UPDATE : here is what I sound like, in both English and French. UPDATE : here is my bible. Location : erehwon

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Blogger Kitten intuited...

Soooo..you have been to my neck o'the woods. Actually, I spent every summer of my life on Chatham on the cape up until last year......must be hard , the long distance relationship....good luck to you and the princess.

1/23/2005 04:08:00 PM  
Blogger wendy intuited...

That must have been a strange move to go from France to Boston.

1/24/2005 09:46:00 PM  
Blogger Mathieu intuited...

Thanks One and Only Kitten!

Yes, Wendy, it was rather strange. Our parents told us we were moving at the start of summer vacation, and we were there mid September, on a sunday.

The next day, we were dropped off at school for the first and last time (tuesday, we took the bus).

The class had already started and I was introduced to a classful of kids who spoke a different language.

My parents were rather anxious when we got home that evening, and quite surprised when I assured them that I was fine, and had already made a friend.

I'm still friends with him, too.

1/24/2005 09:58:00 PM  
Blogger Dorko intuited...

I needed that "Bible"!

I'm new & nutz about this stuff and I wanna thank you! Thank you for being so helpful.

(You do rock, ya know.)

And you seem to have a good eye with the camera lens too!

Love and love some more to you and the Princess!

3/23/2005 01:11:00 AM  

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