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Tuesday, November 16

Gothic Arches in Styrofoam

Took some experimenting, but I got it right eventually. This is a gothic nave made of four paraboloid arches, which intersect exactly at the apex, making that distinctive cross in the middle. I decided to normalize dimensions to one inch = 2.5cm equals 5' in the game, and make the outside of the arch, including pillars, fit a 5cm square, so that the hall doesn't spill outside of a 10'x'40'x20' block, making it easier to integrate it with other modules. The trick is to cut them upside down, and turn the block exactly 90° and do it again. If you're precise in your positionning, the part comes out symetrical and the crosses appear in the ceiling. With a bit more work, i could put together a gothic church! Need to think about how you'd reach the inside and actually use it in a game, tho... Probably cut a slanting plane thru it to open it up. Miniature's eye view...

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