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Saturday, November 13

Heavy Weather

Weird. We were supposed to get 25-30 klicks of wind from the North today. We got barely 10, sometimes less, as measured by the anemometer at the top of the hill. Even weirder was the aerology. Never seen such vertical sheer before. The glider would zoom up 15m in one spot, then siddle sideways three meters and come back down just as fast. The sheer zones moved around, and the wind was fitful at best. I stayed there from noon to 4pm, and flew quite a bit, but it took the assurances from one of the old timers and seeing his 3m sailplane do the same thing to be sure it wasn't my piloting or my gliders that were the problem. It got better towards the end, but I was starting to feel cold, and I wanted to talk to my BayBee, so I packed up and left. Perhaps it'll be better tomorrow? Location : Beauvais, France

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