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Friday, November 12

Settled down in a new hill...

As I wait for my work visa for the US, I've settled down in a small city north of Paris called Beauvais. It's only for a couple months, hopefully, since I'm supposed to start in NY in January. Rent's only 500 euro/month for a 60+ m2 loft with wood-beams in city center, it's only half an hour from the best sloping sites in the greater Paris area, and about an hour from CDG airport or La Défense, where the office is. Still living out of the cardboard boxes, but things are slowly coming under control... Except phone and internet. France Telecom wants a twelve month commitment before they open a new line. So i make due with the cell phone and the GPRS card for the PC. La vie est dure, as they say here. Location : Beauvais, France

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