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Saturday, November 13

Webcomics I'd recommend...

Dave, you asked : Sinfest : http://sinfest.net/ The strip is at the bottom of the homepage, which can be confusing. I find this one endlessly irresistible. In some strange way, it's like Calvin & Hobbes, but for adults. Or maybe I'm just secretly in love with 'Nique. A Modest Destiny : http://www.squidi.net/ Pixel art comic with two storylines, one D&D and one SciFi, loads of fun! Sluggy Freelance : http://sluggy.com/ One of the grand-daddies of them all. There are YEARS of archives, and I've found explicit Sluggy references in published SciFi novels! Besides, you just gotta love bun-bun :D Not a HUGE fan of the guest strips on saturdays, but the rest of it, three thumbs up at least. MegaTokyo : http://www.megatokyo.com/ A huge hit. It's zany, it's in Japan, it's cute and fun. A must-see, but your mileage may vary depending on how the themes resonate with you. Venus Envy : http://venusenvy.keenspace.com/ Ok, this is ... different. It's the story of an adolescent transexual. It's well written, and the art grows on you. I've exchanged a couple emails with the author and she's nice enough. Currently incensed by Bush's re-election, but hey, I like 'em feisty ;) God, she'd kill me for that comment I think :-S Some I don't read as often, but enjoy none the less once in a while : Kagerou : http://www.electric-manga.com/ The story drags along if you ask me, but the artwork is VERY well done. Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki : http://sgvy.com/ This is the story of a guy who ends up as a one of those magical manga power girls like Sailor Moon. It has its moments. Give it a try. No Need for Bushido : http://www.noneedforbushido.com/ Another big classic. I get bored with it after a while, but I keep coming back to it for some reason. Could be my fascination for Japan, but in case it's not, give it a shot. There are others, some much weirder, like http://www.strangecandy.net/ which is an acquired taste, some just starting out and still looking for their feet, like http://www.sorethumbsonline.com/... If you have some you like, I'm open to suggestions! Just add a comment with the link and your observations. Thanks! Location : Beauvais, France

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