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Sunday, December 5

Hike One : Success!

We didn't do everything we planned, but we visited the Abbey church of St Germer, which was fully as interesting as I'd hoped, showing some gothic characteristics, but not all of them... with still small windows in the main walls, which are still weight-bearing structures. You can compare them directly to the head chapel to the Virgin Mary, which is a later, fully gothic addition. We then hiked from St Germer to Neuf-Marché in two and a half hours, and had a wonderful lunch in the local restaurant. This is 9.3 kilometers and 140 meters of elevation gained and 160 meters of elevation lost, for an average speed of 3.7 km/h. Then a quick tea in my flat in Beauvais, and everyone went home happy with their day. Alessandra is very nice, I'm happy I finally met her :D Location : Beauvais, France

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