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Tuesday, December 28

I was wrong.

I said i wasn't sure that it was as bad as they said, i.e. that hundreds of farangs were dead. I was wrong. The death toll for the whole area is 30k, expected to reach perhaps 55k, but for Thailand, it's 1K to 1.5k, and perhaps 800 tourists dead. 22 dead frenchpeople officially, 30 missing, again officially, but no one has had any contacts with 280 people in a single hotel, the Sofitel at Kaoh Lak beach, of which at least a hundred tourists and perhaps 30 french. Now they need to worry about epidemics, perhaps not in Thailand, but certainly in Sri Lanka. or India. Talked live to Greg today on MSN. He seems ok. Not in shock or anything like that. But certainly affected. Location : Beauvais, France

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