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Thursday, December 2

Proposal for Sunday with David, Alessandra, Olivier and Alain

Meet up in Beauvais around 9:00am, or St Germer de Fly at the Abbatiale around 9:45am, which is a 30 minute drive from Beauvais. Visit the Abbey (until something like 10:30 or 11:00), then drive to Neuf-Marché (5 minutes) and hike around the Mont St Hélène, then have lunch around 1pm in a restaurant either in St Germer or Neuf-Marché, or perhaps in that place we had the vin chaud, eh Alain? I'll make a reservation. If wind is sufficient, we could fly a little after lunch, since this activity is compatible with digestion, and for those not actually flying something, with siesta. Then we drive back to Beauvais, visit the cathedral and the beautiful little St Etienne church if you're not sick of religious architecture by then, and have some tea and cake in my flat to warm ourselves back up around 4 or 5 pm. Foam cutting would ensue, and those not interested in spending the night can probably catch a train back around then. If enough players are staying, or willing to drive back late, we can play in my flat that evening/night. Those times are flexible and we can drop activites if we're trying to cram too much stuff into the day, and you want to get a later start or take it easy. Location : La Défense, France

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