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Monday, January 24

Eye-Candy for a Sleepless Soul

This is gonna sound worse than I mean it, but I'm watching a late-nite showing of Minelli's Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and it's great eye-candy. I'm too tired to really follow the story, and besides, I'm blogging, but it's just SHOT so expertly that I'm just drinking it in. (yes, I can type without looking at my hands) Like just now, the girl just walked into the boy's flat during an air-raid. She's married to a dude off to the front, so this is a no-no. But who cares, I just like the way he was packing a suitcase in the foreground, and she opened the frontdoor in the background, framed in TWO other doors, he turns around and she runs through all these rooms to him and they kiss. Awwww... So pretty. Of course, the boy's a little stiff in his acting, and this clearly is not one of Minelli's great films, but for my purposes tonite, it sure hits the spot. UPDATE : I luvvv the scene where they go dancing, which starts with a half-dozen nasty glares from the other ladies around them. I'm a sucker for those little touches. Location : Beauvais, France

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