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Friday, January 7

For whom the bell tolls...

This morning, I was supposed to get up early(er) to hop, skip and scotch my way to Paris in time to meet a colleague for some gabble. I killed the alarmclock without a snort, presumably around 8am, and woke up to the sound of a strange bell ringing. Alarm clock? Naw, it's plastered on the wall. Phone? No, it's not playing La Macarena. (Hey, I'm old school) What the bleeding FUDGE is making such a racket at 9:45! Hey, could it be.... my doorbell? *gasp* I warped from the mezzanine straight to the intercom, whilst yanking a pair of jeans from hammerspace, and soon was talking to the deliveryman from Apple! (okay, there will be no horror story, it would be petty of me now). Said deliveryman handed over the goods, after a good laugh at my 'it shows?' when he asked if he'd woken me up. (I think the pillow prints on my face were a dead giveaway.) A few minutes later, my daughter's brand new iBook G4 was sitting in my lap. Ah, the power of that pearly white plastic, and the magic of that round iPod look. It's a beautiful thing... Geeky and trendy all at once. It's mine, precioussss, yesss. Mine. Perhaps she doesn't need it until graduation? Location : Beauvais, France

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Blogger james intuited...

lol My precious. Well said. I want an ipod sooooooo bad!!! I am almost embarrassed and my degree of consumer, capitalist lust for said objest. Almost but not enough to not buy one soon. My precious indeed. Hehe.

1/07/2005 11:41:00 PM  

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