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Friday, January 28

France Discovers Blogs...

... in the form of a teen called Noémie, who committed suicide, a few days after leaving a suicide note on her blog. They are still looking for a friend that is thought to have sought to end her life with her. The pitch is that she took her life because no one responded to her plea on the net. Will all due respect for the pain of her loved ones, that's a bunch of horseshit, and unfortunately quite typical of the way the French media approach new things. Teen suicide = juicy news BUT can't run it by itself. Teen suicide + new trend not yet followed/understood by mainstream = fake controversy to justify running juicy story of teen suicide. Run it! sez the editor. Dang him, sez this viewer. Location : Beauvais, France Viewing : Journal Télévisé de France 2, French TV

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Blogger Alekx intuited...

That is what's wrong with the world now days. Nobody takes any responsibility for their own actions. IE...this poor lost soul had other problems, and everyone wants to find "someone or something" to put the blame on.
It's just a crying shame.

1/29/2005 06:12:00 AM  

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