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Sunday, January 30

I'm Up, I'm Up...

No, I wasn't talking in my sleep to Tabatha Cash (anybody in Wikipedia is safe, right?) but to the nice lady at reception giving me my wake-up call. Imagine that. Flying East, which is normally the absolute worst direction for me (I stayed in bed the first 24h last time I went to see Greg in Phuket), and since I got to the hotel just in time to get my blogging fix and fall asleep, got a full night's sleep. I'm off to investigate the fitness center and breakfast, and then, regrettably, work. In other news, and while still waiting for the final voter turn-out numbers, I must say that on CNN, at least, the Iraqi vote was looking good last night and this morning. It was good to see all these people so excited to vote... Of course, I'm waiting for the figures for Sunni muslims to see if the boycott worked, but still, people showed a desire to vote. That goodwill and enthusiasm is just Alawi's and the Coalition's to lose, now. Guys, don't miss the historical moment, I beg you. Location : Hotel Shilla, Seoul, North Korea

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Blogger wendy intuited...

The voter turnout in Iraq is incredible. I hope that this is the first step in a successful government. I also hope it means that we (the US) will be able to get out of there soon.

1/31/2005 05:55:00 PM  

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