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Tuesday, January 4

Medecins sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) stop collecting money for the Tsunami

They now have more money than they could possibly use in that area, since unfortunately there are many more dead than wounded, and have asked their donors to either give money for other crises (Darfour, for example) , or give money to other support structures which are better suited to this specific disaster. Big debate, in France at least, about the consequences to donations for Tsunami relief. There is fear, and recrimination, that this sort of announcement by big names in disaster relief could slow the massive drive to give currently sweeping through the developped world. MSF replies that they made the announcement out of honesty and respect for their donors. An interesting take on what I was saying yesterday. I guess it's a sign that whether we save the poor souls in Sumatra is now up to how efficient the relief effort becomes in the very near future, and that the real "enjeux" is now the reconstruction effort, as the UN has been saying. Location : Beauvais, France

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