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Saturday, January 1

New Year's Eve

Traditional dinner with Pierre, Catherine and her friend Sonia. Bline and smoked salmon, some foie gras, then peeled grapefruit and shrimp on Gewurtz and Champagne. Then some red snapper with string beans and potatoes. Passed on the cheese, and had some Buche de Noël. Conversation ranged from politics to the tsunami and good old times. Went home to Beauvais to sleep around 7am. Got up at 4pm. Have to get ready for sushi nite at Chaton's. Location : Beauvais, France

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Blogger Porchsteps intuited...

Hello Mathieu Glachant: Sounds like you had a great New Years Eve. Enjoy 2005.

1/03/2005 08:20:00 PM  

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