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Tuesday, January 4

On meeting people by blog-surfing...

One little comment on an innocuous post was all it took. One man, a canadian, had just said hello to me, just as a friendly note that he'd dropped by and read a few lines in my blog. Well, dang. I race over to his blog, and read a few lines, and golly gee, this stuff's interesting. So i leave him a little note, and start channel-surfing blogspot.com. Okay, there are tons of two-post blogs out there, and some on sports I don't even know the point of (okay, aside from drinking and singing silly songs on the side-lines), but here and there, i meet a few people I kinda like. A lonely heart in an american city, wondering whether match.com was a good move, a community of english teachers in vietnam, a french teacher in a US university, a stunning photographer, and many others. I don't even explain to them why I resonate with their story, I just write them a few words, just to be neighbourghly, and move on. Perhaps they'll write, perhaps they won't. It doesn't strictly matter, because just by letting me read their posts, they've already communicated with me, made me rethink something, and I value that. I can only read a tiny fraction of the posts I'd find interesting, and only by a vanishingly small chance could someone interested in what little I have to say could happen upon my mumblings, but the potential's there. The blasts from the past from who I was, or thought I was, or could have been, the thoughts I wish I'd had, or heard sooner, or been able to phrase just that way. The pictures I can never take, but recognize instantly, as belonging to me, to who I am or want to be. Thank you all! Whoever you are, I didn't keep your URL, your email, I just buzzed up to your little flowers, drawn by who knows what secret scents, blown off course by the great randomizer of the Next Blog button, or following a trail of buddyblogs, to sip and leave a little pollen. I hope you liked the gesture :D and I look forward to reading your brothers and sisters out there, next time I click on the button. It's certainly energized me. Location : Beauvais, France

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Blogger Kitten intuited...

You are interesting...and its true...some people start these things , make a post or two and you never hear from them again. I find that the best way to find good reads and good readers is to click on someone elses comment..which, is how i found you..via the canadian man who likes to be spanked.
go figure.....


1/04/2005 05:26:00 PM  
Blogger Mathieu intuited...

He likes to be SPANKED? 8O

lol, I guess I didn't read his blog enough...

Thanks for the tip, I hadn't thought of following the comments on other blogs. I shall do so forthwith.

Oh, and thanks for the comments!

1/04/2005 05:32:00 PM  

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