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Saturday, January 22

Patience is a virtue...

Don't ask me why I did it. Some misplaced sense of duty, some left-over shred of responsibility to my employer. I checked my professional email on a saturday. Who knows, perhaps someone'd written me an important message late friday afternoon. Not that anyone's written anything even remotely interesting since Xmas, but what the hay. Checking professional email is a long and involved process, requiring the careful juggling of three different, and rather quirky bits of software, much zenitude and some luck. Took me five tries and two reboots but I managed, in the end, to establish the link, and set the email program chugging, downloading the email and praying no one had decided to send any big fat files. I wish. Twenty minutes later, I get to check the loot, and there IS an important email. From yet another person in the internal visa request process, telling me she needs to talk to me to make a stronger case for the petition. In other words... the petition hasn't left the office yet, and I can cancel my appointment at the consulate in two weeks, because we'll never be ready. This thing has been dragging on for six months, and I finished my part of the paperwork in five weeks. Patience is a virtue, but when I think this process hasn't even hit the professional bureaucrats over at Immigrations, I despair, O lord, just a little bit. Location : at the bottom of Sisyphus' Hill. Not to be confused with SissyPuss' Pill, because that would be rated at least R.

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Blogger ViVi intuited...

Courage, my friend!! :)

1/23/2005 01:31:00 PM  

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