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Thursday, January 6

Pick-Up Sushi Bar Bingo Night... in Beauvais!

Who ever said Beauvais was hicksville? (aside from me, but I live there, so I'm entitled) Here I am, with my l33t 5u5h1 m4k1n6 5k1ll5, a real live Makisu and some left-over Nori, and I can't make sushi cuz I ain't got the dratted rice vinegar. (No, you can't replace it with something else, after the rice, it's the most important ingredient) Well, off we go to the French Yellow Pages (called, predictably, les Pages Jaunes) to try sushi and Beauvais. First off, there are 0 (zero) sushi restaurant in Beauvais. The nearest one is so far you might as well go to a good one in Paris. No big surprise there. Second, there IS an oriental food stuffs store, five minutes walk from here. (nothing is further than five minutes walking here, this is one of those OLD European towns founded centuries before the invention of the automatic gear box.) What the hay, let's try it out. SCORE! They have fifteen different types of soy sauce! Nori, rice vinegar, Sake, wasabi, you name it. Chinese and Thai and Vietnamese sauces and noodles and chips and dried fruits and cakes, and goodness me. Haven't seen the like since Bangkok. Picked up all I needed for sushi there, and yes, at the fishmarket, and I'm making Red Snapper Chirashi for one tonite! Psyke, in other words. UPDATE : It was good, but I need to find better rice. Gonna be expensive, damn it. Location : Beauvais, France

4 Insights :

Blogger Kitten intuited...

And you COOK too???

my husband doesnt even KNOW where the kitchen IS.....

1/06/2005 07:35:00 PM  
Blogger Mathieu intuited...

And I'm a damned good cook, too.

Indian, Thai and Sushi, plus desserts.

I'm a catch, my Girl-Friend told me so :D

1/06/2005 07:41:00 PM  
Blogger Your's Truly intuited...

Kitten, I can confirm, Matt is a catch. No question. He's been into cooking for years... remember that New Year's with the vodka... Despite my raging hangover (the likes of which I've avoided since)I still remember everything about that night. At least, until I passed out. Anyway, that night Matt made a great salmon. I'm impressed with the sushi. I may live in a coastal state, but I don't trust the fish from Market Basket as far as I can throw it (though I'm making a nice clam chowder tonight, VERY New England).

1/06/2005 10:28:00 PM  
Blogger Mathieu intuited...

Oh, God.

Had (mercifully) forgotten about that NYZ.

I barfed all over my then-GF that evening, and spent the rest of the night mumbling I'm-sorries in her arms.

She waited almost six months to dump me, too. Go figure.

Were we ever stupid at that age :D

1/06/2005 10:36:00 PM  

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