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Saturday, January 8

Sleepless in Beauvais

It's one of those nights again I'm tired, it's 4am, I want to get up before 10am tomorrow to beat the crowd to the gym, and I just can't sleep books don't even make sense, reading blogs just keeps me awake, and I'm to numb to post anything cogent Pierre told me all about his divorce this afternoon and asked me to tell him everything the enemy had told me during the drĂ´le de guerre before she leaped over the Maginot line, during those four months he was on a mission abroad and she backstabbed him the very first week with a dear john oops weez married guess i need a divorce oh, Pierre, she only chose to tell me, your best friend, that she had cheated on you from day one with various guys and she told me soz i would tell you and we'd carry that between us well, no, i didn't tell you, and heck she went and told you herself just a few days later didn't she i told her to wait for you to come back, what's four months in divorce proceedings, but no, she wanted to get the paperwork done by fax while you were safely under that baby-blue UN helmet silly girl didn't work out that way did it you were having none of it then she came to me one last time to fake your signature on some of that paperwork, why me, i'll never know, and i threw her out so hard she bounced twice you would have loved it, Pierre i don't know why marriages turn sour like that, Pierre, i don't really understand my own divorce or rather now that i understand the divorce, i can't understand why i got married in the first place and heck, all i can tell you is you get over it i hope it works out with that little law student you were telling me about well, i feel better, I'm gonna sleep now goodnite, Pierre, old buddy Location : Beauvais, France

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