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Thursday, January 20

Some People Have All the Luck...

I dined with my good friends Carole and Guillaume in Paris last night. I stayed to sleep, as I live a little far. They've just had a pretty little daughter, Chloé (pronounced klo-AY), who ALREADY SLEEPS NIGHTS! At six weeks... Some people just have all the luck. Between the pear and the cheese, as the French say, I showed her dad how to create his first blog, and how to upload a picture of his daughter. Why don't you drop by and welcome Chloé and her dad to the blogosphere? aTdHaAnKcSe Location : Rue Marguerin, Paris, France

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Blogger Chloé intuited...

Hi Mathieu (Matiou for his froggy friends)!
Thanks for your note and for your great help on my Blogpage. I had lots of fun posting a small story and thought what a weird feeling it gives as you show personal stuff that anybody can see if they want, but it does not bother as it's like you own a cosy cafe and there is this old man in the back who tells stories all day long. So, you come in at late at night or by a cold and grey winter afternoon, you hear without listening, then you pick a few words that attract you. You listen more carefuly, move closer to the source of the words and listen the story. Then, you leave for another place. It's like if the time was freezing for a short while... yep, weird!

1/21/2005 09:26:00 AM  
Blogger Mathieu intuited...


You're a natural! You'll go far...

1/21/2005 09:58:00 AM  

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