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Sunday, January 2

Sushi nite!

Was a hit! The sushi was really good. I made the Sushi and Chaton made the Maki. I made Ebi (shrimp) and Shake (Salmon) as well as smoked haddock at Chaton's urging. It was surprisingly good. The Shake was to die for, when the rice was still a little warm. :D Chaton's Maki were delicious, using avocado, cucumber, salmon and haddock. Alessandra and David brought some Sapporo beer (5.4 liters in .6 liter cans w00t!) and much fun was had by all. We talked about what's wrong with our roleplaying setup and Chaton decided to start a new Cyberpunk game with fewer players. More on that later. We nuked the sake and more good time was had by those of us left. Id est : Emily, Charles, Pierre-Henri (not the usual one on this blog) and another dude I forgot the name of. Anyhow, a complete success. I slept there on the couch and drove back to Beauvais the next morning. I called Chloe to thank her for the book. I will use the microwave rice cooker I bought for the occasion in my flat and this will greatly improve the variability of my food sources. Location : Beauvais, France

2 Insights :

Blogger Lisa Klu intuited...

8 cans x 650 ml/can = 5200 ml = 5.2 l, not 5.4.

We made up for it with the saki, tho.

Lisa Klu

1/04/2005 09:31:00 PM  
Blogger Mathieu intuited...

Hiya David!

bitbucket@null.dev indeed.

T'was too easy.

Note that all I could remember was the approximate size of the cans (.6 l) and the approximate total cubage (5.something l).

I guessed 9 cans of .6 l

I was wrong. :D

1/04/2005 09:47:00 PM  

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