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Tuesday, February 1

All Dressed Up...

I like Korean traditional dress, it looks softer than the Japanese kimono, and in particular it flares, without that tube-look they get from the Obi hiding the waist. As I'm a sucker for the hourglass figure, I get all warm and fuzzy when these little women walk by dressed in these outfits...
I shot this from my taxi window, mostly cuz I liked the fancy red dress and the simple green rubbish bin.
Tiny : Korean Taxicab.

2 Insights :

Blogger erika intuited...

this dress looks a lot like my friend's traditional bride's maid dress, but the red and green were a little brighter on her dress. i had a chance to look through a fashion book of hers that was filled with traditional korean dresses and then i started asking a bunch of questions.

i've taken a number of costume design classes and had to study a bunch of different things including sexuality as found through clothes in some time periods. revelation of skin or form, color, sometimes exaggeration of form. . . in looking at the dresses i kept wondering, with the bell shape of it, where is the feminine sexuality of it? i kept asking my friend what was found sexy to koreans, but i don't think she was able to answer it. (it took months of prodding to get her to say, 'i have to pee' rather than just leave to go to the bathroom) she kept telling us that 'people just don't say that!'

anyway, the best we could come up with was the v shaped neck. . . but if it makes you warm and fuzzy then maybe that's where it's at.

on the lines of the traditional japanese dress. .. . it's probably not a very pc joke. . . but my korean friend told it (and it kind of shows a rivalry that i didn't know existed). 'why do japanese girls have so much padding on the back of their dresses?--so they have something to lay on where ever and whenever their guy wants sex.'

ok, that's all.

2/02/2005 03:17:00 AM  
Blogger Mathieu intuited...

That bell shape is, I think, an exageration of the wide hips and pert bottom which some males (myself included) consider desirable traits.

French Imperial style dresses have the same sort of shape, with a ribbon chinching the dress just under the breasts, and the dress flaring out from there. The general silhouette is more slender than in the case of the Korean dresses, because the width reached at the base is not quite so wide, but I enjoy the effect in both cases.

Of course, ladies fortunate enough to be wide in the hips can dispense with the artifice and wear clingy clothing as far as THIS male is concerned :P

2/02/2005 06:48:00 AM  

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