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Friday, February 25

Better is the Enemy of Good

Old French proverb, which roughly translates to the yankee 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'.
Da Fly
In response to several questions from viewers of my photos, I wrote two pages of technical blather about why I love my Coolpix 990. Can you say, BORING? Sheesh, I sounded like a new father gushing about how adorable their progeny is.
My Pride and Joy
I'll summarize it all by saying that, at the time, it had the biggest net community of any digital camera, by a factor of ten, it even had mods! It was the ├╝berg33k machine. I fell in love, hard. It's been with me since 2001, and we've been around the dial about three times, meaning 40,000 pictures taken soon, and in a dozen countries, often able to continue only because it happily eats AAA batteries when I can't find an outlet to recharge. I spilled a birdbath in Bali on it, and it dried out fine (altho I was besides myself with grief for a day).
*squelsh desire to talk about the fifteen other cool features* Anyhow, recently, I've been talking about maybe, perhaps, at some point, upgrading to a digital reflex. You know, like I have seven-year itch, and I'm shooting the bull with my buds around some suds, toying with the idea, talking myself up to it while pointing at glossy magazine shots of the newer generation's power curves and va-va-zooms.
Top dawg
The tipping point was almost reached when I grabbed an emulsion (ugh, revulsion) reflex at Chaton's the other day, and looked thru the viewfinder and twisted the zoom and KaTCHACK, framed the perfect shot of David's wife. So easy, so smooth, such unbelievable crisp viewing, including the depth of field preview!
But no, my trusty coolpix still wins out over any tryst. Because I can shoot from the hip with the twisty lens, because it's smaller, because it eats AAA batteries, because 3 million pixels is enough for any man who's secure in his color pecker, er, picker.
And because I'm thirty now, and i don't buy the newest gadget anymore, just the ones I really need...

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