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Sunday, February 6

Escaping Korea...

Friday night, everybody started telling me how next week (i.e. this one, now) was the Lunar Calendar New Year, and the whole country was going to be traveling. Traditionaly, people go to see their families, and indulge in rituals where they thank their ancestors for the past year and ask for a good one this time round. Kinda like yanks praying to turkeys during Thanksgiving, but makes more sense. So I'm all, like, happy for them, cuz they only get two weeks vacation the poor bastards, and one whole week off extra for New Year's rather cool. Until I hear that the young people don't respect their ancestors anymore, and that TWO MILLION koreans are traveling abroad for the occasion. Heathens! Young turks! Those two million punks are going to show up in MY airport and stand in the way of MY flight to Paris, all on Saturday morning? Yes, was the unanimous answer. FanTAAAAStic, qoth I. Got up early, dressed sensibly, and went to the airport at the crack of noon. Empty. At least I got another escape row seat, and spend two hours in the Korean Air Line lounge, which is superfantastic, I assure you. I assume the two million either got religion last night, or are taking boats, which would explain why they get a whole week off. It's not the fastest way to travel. Location : Beauvais, France.

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