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Sunday, February 6

Feeling Human Again...

Slept from 8:40pm to 2am, then again until 7am, and then again until 2pm... What day is it? ... Oh, good, I'm not skipping class then. The plan for this week is : Monday, go to Paris, finalize the Consular Interview Document Package, and have lunch with a old customer of mine. The paperwork from the employer caught up with me on the last day in Hotel Shilla, in Seoul, and my special ID pictures were waiting in the mailbox yesterday when I got here. I still need to print out fresh copies of my resume and diploma and transcript. Tuesday, Consular Interview in the morning. CROSS YOUR FINGERS PEOPLE! Wednesday : Start worrying about whether I'm getting that visa or not. In the cracks of the agenda, keep looking for an iPod Shuffle, and think of something for a remote Valentine's day with the Princess in NJ. Location : Beauvais, France.

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Blogger james intuited...

We will meditate for you this tuesday and wednesday! You are always in our thoughts dear friend. Best of luck with it all!!!

2/06/2005 06:31:00 PM  

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