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Wednesday, February 16

Flying the Nest...

Well, Mom, Dad, it's been good, but I have to run.
30 years ago, I was born in Albi's hospital...
At my employer's rates, you just got several thousands of euro's worth of free IT consulting, and in the end, a working home network, both ethernet and Wifi, GBs of freed-up HD storage (all that pr0n piles up after a while, but I suspect Dad will miss it, now that he's down to just the Pirelli calendar), some good advice on the new car, and only one big bag of dirty laundry. But never fear, I'll be back next week to move all my junk to your place from Beauvais. I'm moving to the USA with just my suitcase and 250GB of data on an external HD. The mid term plans are to stay with my friend David in Paris while his wife's away, until I fly to Newark to be with the Princess on the flight to Paraguay, second week of March. Beer and geekitude and cyberpunk roleplaying galore, d00ds! You ain't seen the last of me yet, my dear devoted parents, but I wouldn't want to outstay my welcome ;) Seeya next week, Your son the elder. Location : Albi, France.

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Blogger james intuited...

So are you going to be living in Newark or Paraguay?? I'm all confused but then again my brain has been hurting for the last few days. ouchies.

2/17/2005 10:47:00 PM  

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