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Saturday, February 12

How to Get Lost with a Nav System...

...in one easy lesson. Step 1. Enter a destination you know very well. Step 2. Follow instructions even when they take you on unexpected route. Step 3. At some point in the middle of nowhere, cease following instructions, and follow instincts. Step 4. Ignore new instructions, everytime nav calculates new route. Step 5. Go to Map view. Step 6. Scratch head and make dubious noises. Step 7. Follow instincts. Step 8. Find well-known town of destination, but via unknown back street. Step 9. Get lost in back streets of well-known town. Step 10. Learn from triumphant announcement of nav that the destination has been reached. Step 11. Fail to recognize current unknown location as well-known destination. Step 12. Follow instincts. Step 13. Stop and ask directions. (optional, for females only) Step 14. Drive around until you recognize a street. Step 15. Make a triumphant announcement that the destination has been reached. Step 16. Drive the 300' to the destination you have been circling for 15 minutes. Location : Albi, France.

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Blogger Julie intuited...

Those navigational systems sound like a great bargain! they might be in w/ the oil companies for more money spent on gasoline, LOL, but then I'm always into conspiracy theories!

2/13/2005 01:48:00 AM  

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