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Sunday, February 13

Kate Caught Me Out...

I was being lazy... couldn't remember the title of that movie about a man, his wife, and his lifesized lovedoll. So I didn't look for it, and just posted about it without giving a reference. Bad, bad, BAD Mathieu... She called me out on it in the comments (thanks, Kate, you're keeping me on my toes, and providing me for the perfect excuse to break my promise I wouldn't post about this anymore!). Also, Jamie and I made up via email. At least I hope we did, because I have a creeping suspicion he just COULD be my partner from Vivi's GISBE, since I asked for somebody form Asia... If I want good goodies, I have to be nice to visitors from that side of the planet now ;) Anyhoo, without further ado, I give you : Monique!
Monique, freshly, if messily, uncrated.

Monique is, aside from a Realdoll, the title of this french movie. It is from 2002, not 2003 as I remembered. The writer/director is a woman, and the movie is a good take on boredom setting in in a couple, with the sudden intrusion of the latex doll serving to bring to the fore all that is wrong in their relationship. It even has a good, satisfying ending, which is becoming rare, particularly in french films.

Not the most crate-ive poster...

I looked for it on IMDB, but couldn't find it amongst the dozen films with the same title but rather more raunchy content. Remind me never to name a daughter Monique. Altogether the wrong associations in the Anglo-Saxon world... I did find this review in French. Babelfishing it will give the usual, Manolo-like, hilarious results :

A body of dream, always available, never of migraines, never of tears, never of scenes: she is called Monique. This inflatable doll (or rather moulded ^ _ ^) will upset the life of Claire and Alex, a couple which "had not lived" more for a few years, tired of a marriage too quickly consumed. The reactions of principal concerned will be quite as astonishing as those of their entourage...

The films on the relations of couples are far from being badly represented on the fabrics of cinema, quantitatively speaking... Often, one adopts the ton of the comedy, simpler (all at least it is what seems to be commonly allowed) to put in scene; simpler perhaps also when one speaks about things by not taking them completely with the serious one. Monique, at the end of the summer 2002, also adopted the ton of the comedy to speak about a serious subject: the trouble in the couple. And contrary to a certain number of films, it did it well.

Ah... The ton of the comedy indeed, my fellow frenchman.

With that, I leave you, gentle readers, to mull on this :

Loneliness, inability to communicate, alienation even, are universal, and there is evidence that at least some couples find these dolls to be a good way to talk to each other, strengthen their relationship, and make new friends. Far be it from me to judge... except, perhaps, esthetically?

Location : Albi, France.

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