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Thursday, February 3

Playing Tag with a Limo...

Had a RDV with two movers and shakers in our company here in Korea, on a cold, windswept street corner. They were arriving by car, the local head honcho's Hyundai Mercedes lookalike. I'd seen the car once before. As I'm waiting, one such limo eases to the curb, and turns off the main street into a little side lane. I walk towards it with a determined step, it was cold enough to freeze de balls off a brass monkey. As I reach the passenger door, the car jerks forward. Surprised, I watch it siddle to a stop a few feet farther deep into the alley. After a pause, I walk towards it again. Skittishly, it hops a few steps away, and then starts backing and filing to turn around. I give it a wide bearth, muttering under my (billowingly white) breath that they could have waited for me to get in... Once it's turned around, I stamp determinedly towards the car, and just as it speeds past me, swerving around and slipping back into the traffic under a chorus of angry honking, I get a good look at the driver. Never seen him before. Just then my complimentary cellphone rings and I find myself unable to explain why I'm not at the curb like I said I would be. *sigh* I think I scared that driver shitless. A big hulking bearded foreigner running after his car in a blind alley... lusting after his Hyundai Centennial.
Location : Hotel Shilla, Seoul, South Korea.

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