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Thursday, February 3

Raking in the Brownie Points...

Altho I'm leaving Sales, at least for the moment, for the purer intellectual delights of being a Subject Matter Expert, I must say that a Sales background helps in many situations. Such as, say, Mother-In-Law management, or taming dragons. Just received an email from the Mother of the Princess, thanking me for the French hair care products I sent her a while ago. This is part of a plan for her to look her best at her son's wedding in a few weeks. Brownie Points : 1,000 She asked what she owed me, and I answered 'a kiss and a smile?' Brownie Points : 2,000 (that's called follow-thru, people, and it's just as important in MILM as it is in golf or tennis) Oh, and never think you can send a woman too many flowers. You can't. Your scrooge instincts will stop you well short of the mark, trust me on this. It's like flattering males. It's very hard to overdo. Brownie Points : 5,000 the first time, declines for every shot after that, PLUS as dependency kicks in, you get negative points if you STOP sending flowers. So milk for all it's worth at the start, achieve a run-rate you can live with, overshoot by ten-twenty percent, and ease back slowly to optimal flower sending rate. Don't forget that altho the visible effects will decline over time, a junkie is the best kinda customer. When they don't behave, you withold the goods. Oh, and last but not least (gooey alert, males beware) make her daughter happy. Location : Workplace, Seoul, South Korea.

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