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Monday, February 21

Yohoho, and a Bottle of Rhum!

Mustapha Lenin der Trapp was a proud man. He came of good stock. His father a diamond-hard East German with a past only evoked in grim whispers, and his sainted mother a dusky-eyed beauty from the large Turkish community in the Reunited Germanies. Nothing to be ashamed of. That he knew about, anyway. The ship pealed like a gong under his feet, echoed by the air-borne crump of high explosives, and soon followed by a softer sound like ripping cloth. His man for security, currently scanning the approaching tramp-destroyer with his cyber-goggles, had told him that the ripping sound was the artillery round travelling thru the air, and you only heard it after the hit, because the round was supersonic. Good man to have in this situation, your Frank Lee Humongous, even if he waxed a little too loquacious at times. His Austrian musclebound buddy with the flat vowels, Kurt Retort, tended to the opposite extreme. Witness that loud-mouth dockhand in Marseilles spray-painted all over the pier with a .44 hollow-point to his unibrow. Headquarter's knickers were still in a knot over the two policemen they'd had to politely divest of their weapons and immobilize with their handcuffs. Typical, they wanted it taken care of, by any means necessary, and then hindsighted you to death on a complete success. Bureaucrats... Another bright flower of raw flame blossomed at the bow of their tanker. Not that he cared about the cargo, now that it was clear they would be boarded.
I'm holding out for Zeiss Optics, mate!
Pirates! In 2023... they'd have cyberoptics instead of eye patches and hand-mounted cyberguns instead of hooks, but the same basic attitudes to prisoners as their distant predecessors, in the Carabbean or off the Barbary Coast. He eyed the new addition to the team, Mittens deVine, and congratulated himself, again, on his excellent HR skillz. She'd be very motivated in this situation. Their captain had soiled himself, he noticed absently as the man cowered under the radar scope, his big, fat, streaked rear not finding room. Mustapha looked across the deck at the tattered remains of their crew, retreating under heavy fire after the quivering fartbag's doomed attempt to repel the boarders at the flame-ravaged bow. Frank was in charge, now, and Mustapha was confident the dozen or so pirates following them would be sent ad patres in good time. As Kurt started picking off the boarders with his smartlinked sniper rifle from the startboard bridge-wing while they ran aft across the open deck, he sighed contentedly, and checked his own Sternmeyer handgun. They might even make Honk Kong early, if they captured that destroyer. It looked rather fast, he thought. Kurt dropped three on the run, and Mittens and him took care of the four who tried to flank him, with an impressive series of headshots with 12mm dumdums while they milled around the base of the superstructure. Slowly, it dawned on their assailants that being shot at from a three-story steel building sucked, and they tried to rush the outer stairs to get to Kurt. Three seconds and one 40 round clip later, the bottom landing was awash in gore, and Kurt's body armour would need some repairs. He winced. More paperwork for the expense department. Never the less, Mustapha would have to engineer a general raise for the team, the head hunters were sure to call after this one. Since they'd dropped the tanker's twelve-ton achor on the destroyer, it wasn't going anywhere. Time to round up some crew, put the fires out, and get in touch with headquarters back in Paris. He had a feeling they would see this in the wrong light again. He sighed. It was the price you paid for the freedom of field-work. The endless post-action kibbitzing with the desk-warmers back home. Frank gave him a thumbs up and his signature millimeter grin, and heck, Mustapha had to admit... it was all worth it. Location : Chaton's awesome Cyberpunk 2020 game, Paris, France. If you're in Paris, looking for an english-language roleplaying game, drop me a line, I'll put you in contact. They play CP2K, AD&D 3rd ed, and open to others!

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Blogger ViVi intuited...

Excellent. :)

If you dig the pirates, you should check this out.

2/21/2005 07:49:00 AM  
Blogger Mathieu intuited...

Great link, Vivi!

Thanks :)

2/21/2005 09:35:00 AM  
Blogger O.2 intuited...

What visuals, what a firefight, what fun!
thanks .. loved reading it!

2/21/2005 11:41:00 AM  
Blogger Mathieu intuited...

Hey Chaton, welcome aboard!

It's all thanks to your wonderful adventure telling skills, dude.

Nice picture by the way ;)

2/21/2005 12:46:00 PM  
Blogger Ria intuited...

Loved the names!

2/21/2005 09:42:00 PM  
Blogger Mathieu intuited...

Ria, I figured you might :D

We get a kick out of punny character names, yes. All part of the fun!

2/22/2005 01:46:00 AM  

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