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Friday, March 18

B-sides... Pun Intended.

Guess Who got To Do All That Lacing? Swing It, Sister! Thank God for Colour TV :D Bleu Blanc Rouge, Now That's 'La France'! Red, Blue and White... Isn't That Russia?
Ok, so perhaps I am a little obsessed with B(ack)-sides... but duncha just love the colours?

3 Insights :

Blogger Lisa Klu intuited...

Bien-revenue en France, mec !

I like the colorful pics. Butt, then, they suit my tastes.


3/18/2005 09:56:00 PM  
Blogger Mathieu intuited...

Hey d00d!

Thank you, sorry i wasn't long enough in Paris to see you and your pretty italian lady :)

Send me an email to tell me how you're keeping?

3/18/2005 11:41:00 PM  
Blogger james intuited...

Simply beautiful. Yet more evidence why women are much better looking then men.

3/19/2005 12:51:00 AM  

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