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Wednesday, March 16

Beware of Cheap Limitations...

Well, you leave them alone for a week in Paris under the influence of meds, alcohol, and women, and here's what you come back to :
Lacoste, je t'ai dans la peau...
That's right, Step has had the Lacoste crocodile tatooed on his chest, right where it is when you wear one of their polo shirts. A deeply held desire for twelve years, one is left to understand. In the mean time, Chaton and he are inseparable, and carving a broad swath of destruction in ParisianNiteLife with a veritable constellation of around-the-bend-hysterical-broads orbiting in the backwash from the propellers. Some people need to shed old skin regularly, and, well, some others need to burn themselves up in a bonfire of the vanities fueled by various forms of self-destructive behaviour or the wild glee one feels when kicking puppies, to rise phoenix-like above the ashes. As these things go, I assume one little tatoo and a few hysterics reconfirmed in their belief that all men are assholes is not exactly Nero burning Rome. In fact, one such hysteric would be quite satisfied to know how tediously LONG last nite's discussion of her position in the current mayhem really was. We had the two girls at the next table over in stitches for most of THAT little slice of male wisdom on how to handle the other half of the species. Cute too, but thoroughly forewarned by the graphic content of some of the negociations, they were having none of it. I felt what all ex-hunters feel when the doe bounds out of the sights... relief, and I wished them well, away from phoenixes and serpents and other such creatures of our nights.

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Blogger ViVi intuited...

Wow. Classy. ;)

3/17/2005 07:38:00 AM  
Blogger Mathieu intuited...


Got an email from Mom saying she wanted to get Chanel's Camelia tatooed on her left shoulder.

I *think* she was being sarcastic.


Sheesh, I effin' HOPE she was.

3/17/2005 09:14:00 AM  

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