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Thursday, March 17

Blogging la Boda...

Ok, so I haven't exactly been feeling inspired about the wedding. It's taken me a while to admit it, but there, I said it.
Oh, I have lots of pretty pictures, and I could describe the lovely (short) oecumenical ceremony in which the pastor and the priest failed to trip each other or hog the lines, or gloss on the murals of the church, but why bother?
You weren't there, you don't know these people, and frankly, even if le tout-Asuncìon was there, CNN, Fox, and MTV failed to cover the event. The world's loss, and I'm sure Hunter S Thompson woulda found the fault lines to clive this diamond in the rough into the Star of Africa and enough small change for a thousand fiancée solitaires, but there it is, I'm not he.
I could tell you about the civil ceremony, with a dozen witnesses to sign the paperwork, all dressed in pastel, breezy dresses and looking like they'd just stepped out of a particularly well-cast eighties soap opera heavy on the cute blonds and dusky brunettes. My efforts at capturing on electrons the effects of so many colors were met with incomprehension and suspicions of liking "butt pictures".
Yes, I can be the misunderstood artist now. Because I may not be Hunter S Thompson, but at least I can take a few decent pictures now and then, even if that's no excuse for the generaly worsening quality of the writing lately...
And besides, the best pictures from that evening weren't even taken by Yours Truly. The Kiss, above, was shot by the Queen Mother, while the Official Picture, below, was taken, well, by the Official Photographer. The one who's pictures will end up in the social pages of the Main Daily Newspaper, with, even in Paraguay, slightly more readership than this blog...
At least, the Princess looked positively STUNNING in her red dress, I managed to look a bit less like a waltzing bear refusing to waltz, and just before the live band opened up at 130 dB to force me from the room, we did dance for 25 seconds. Hummmm... Perhaps I'm NOT completely over my failed attempt at marriage, am I? The strange thing is, the Princess still loves me even if I was an ass that evening, and I'm just a lucky man to have her :) In a red dress or anything else. I love you, Tigercub.

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Blogger ViVi intuited...

Well I could care less what the participants thought, your pictures of the wedding are OUTSTANDING.

3/17/2005 07:39:00 AM  
Blogger Mathieu intuited...

Thank you Vivi, that was a wonderful comment to wake up to. :)

I think the participants LIKED the pictures, even if some of them are a little weirder that others, but I somehow didn't really get into the spirit of the party, Spanish-overload, perhaps? or some latent hostility to marriage and weddings, possibly.

Just as the music/dancing part started, I took my gorgeous Princess out on the dancefloor and we danced on a little cloud for 25 seconds until it was shattered by a wall of painful sound from the live band.

I don't deal well with loud noise, and a double dozen of other guests and I just left the party.

I was pretty upset by then, but the Princess just left with me, and doesn't seem to hold the evening against me (thank god for those 25 seconds, I suspect) and neither, in the end, did the rest of her family.

Back to the pictures, I may post a B-side on the wedding with the pictures I took more for myself, and you can see what a row of pastel Paraguyan jetset butts look like :)

3/17/2005 09:21:00 AM  
Blogger gregoire intuited...

Promises South American hunks and delivers a promise for (female without doubt) pastel butt. I got a message from the Northwood Boys saying they're readers of yours. Well I sure wonder why! :P

3/17/2005 09:52:00 AM  
Blogger james intuited...

I really enjoy your pictures. All of them. And that last picture of you and the Princess? Well, she looks just GORGEOUS and you look quite handsome if you don't mind me saying so. Glad to have you back into our little family.


3/17/2005 06:13:00 PM  
Blogger themadamefiles intuited...

Soooo beautiful!! Wow! Your pix always have such poetry, in the color, composition. Tres jolie!!! ;-)

3/20/2005 07:05:00 PM  

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