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Friday, March 11

Bono's Band...

In all the rush, I believe I forgot to mention that I found an iPod Shuffle in Newark before getting on the plane to Sao Paulo.
Shuffle Me!
I'm a happy puppy! Speaking of which, meet Bono, the Bug-Eyed Boxer, 7 months old and bored out of his little skull whenever he's left alone more than a minute, which unfortunately happens a lot lately...
Bono the Bug-Eyed Boxer
Yes, he is named after the singer of U2, which shows my transition isn't THAT tenuous what with all the mutuam promotion U2 and Apple are throwing out there :D ... Anyhow, Bono tries very hard to be a good perrito, but it's so haaaaard, when there are so many things to climb, and chew, and snuffle, and scratch and bark at! The Princess, in particular.
Muy BIEN, perrito!
But he's so proud he could burst, when he gets to pose with his master, the Groom!
Un novio y su perro...

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Blogger niki intuited...

I like Bono. He is a cute puppy. I wish I had one.

3/12/2005 05:42:00 PM  

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