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Friday, March 4

Good News Delivered to your Inbox.

I'm sitting in the Air France Lounge, and checking email and doing some business on the cellphone before I'm cut off from access for 8 hours in the aluminium tube that shakes and rumbles until it magically opens again on Newark Int'l Airport. Just as I'm about to shut the laptop down, the Gmail notifier pops up to inform me that I have an urgent message from my bank. My heart skips a beat (a habit I acquired as a poor student whenever I got snailmail from them), but I open the message and learn that my balance has just popped up by a couple grand. A click and a password later, I see that it is a wire transfer from my employer, for the travel expenses of the trip to Korea last month. Just in time to beat the Amex Credit Card debit carrying those expenses, too, meaning this month, I'm not going to be financing the credit on my travel expenses, and I can send my hard-earned money back to the savings account. Thank Vishnu for internet banking which makes all these transfers possible wherever I am in the world... I hate to think how I'd have to handle this otherwise. Anyhoo, they're calling the flight, see y'all later from the East Coast timezone.

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Blogger Alekx intuited...

Man I wish my bank account would pop up increased by a couple grand.
it keeps decreassing.

3/05/2005 02:51:00 AM  

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