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Tuesday, March 1

I Love You, Bollywood!

Just finished watching cult classic "Kuch, Kuch, Hota Hai!" from Bollywood, sometimes referred to as an Indian version of "Grease", as it features a love triangle in a school with sing and dance numbers, in the first third of the flick.
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
Like many Bollywood movies, it tends to drag on between the songs, but its bright colours, sweet lyrics and bouncy music will have your head bopping and your foot tapping within two bars of the first chords. Plus the actresses Rani Mukherjee and Kajol are as cute and as shapely as can be desired :) Once you're past the school bit, however, hold on to your sari! The plot gets much more interesting, Kajol stops looking like Sporty Spice and looks drop dead gorgeous, and the pacing quickens, and there's a happy ending and I'm a sap for happy endings... Makes me cry every time. Altho there are some freaky scenes around religion that come over kinda weird for westerners, and one memorable charade scene with Bollywood movie titles which feels like you're missing every punchline of Saturday Night Live, this is light years beyond "Grease". As long as you get into the rythm, a wonderful introduction to Bollywood's musical films. If you get a chance to see it, go for it, and get the extra large popcorn :)

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Blogger Ria intuited...

I love bollywood too. I collect as many of the songs as I can - they're just so funky and big production.

My #1 is "Jaane Jaan Dhoondhta Phir Raha" by Kishore Kumar & Asha Bhosle.

A good time guaranteed.

3/02/2005 11:23:00 AM  
Blogger Mathieu intuited...

I will look for it :)

Tonite I'm seeing "Mother India".

3/02/2005 09:00:00 PM  
Blogger ozbhoy intuited...

I have never seen grease.

This usually elicits all manner of responses.
It is a film that I believe I never will watch. Along with Titanic. Oh, and Catwoman. And the Batman that had Arnold Scharzenneger. There are more.

3/03/2005 11:47:00 AM  
Blogger Mathieu intuited...

You can dispense with Grease, but you MUST see Kuch, Kuch, Hota Hai :D

3/03/2005 02:18:00 PM  

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