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Thursday, March 10

The Road to Iguazu...

Everybody had something to do Tuesday except La Hermana and I, so we jumped into one of the two sharks and took off for the border with Brazil at Cuidad del Este, and the famous Falls of Iguazu...
The Shark
Well, we would have taken off if it hadn't been South America. First we stopped for gas, which comes in filtered and unfiltered...
Filtered or Unfiltered?
and they checked the levels, and pretty soon, it turned into a nice, long oil change.
Oil Change
Then we ran a (very well hidden) red light and surprise! there were cops hiding just up the road, and we were shaken down for "Coima" or a bribe. We negociated down from 300,000 Guaranies to 50,000, or about 8 bucks.
Paying Coima...
So it took us quite a while before we were on the one-lane highway (you pay toll to get on it and toll to get off it, how creative :D) for the four hour drive to the other side of the country and the place where the borders of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina come together in one point... and where you can see the Famous Falls of Iguazu...

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