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Thursday, March 17


One nite wasn't enough... We almost did it again tonite. Drove back from Beauvais with the check for my deposit safe in my pocket to find Chaton and Step in a pub down the street.
Being a good geek, I whipped out the camera, and then proceeded to check my mail and the blog with the laptop while drinking a beer. Step snagged that picture of Yours Truly, the Rue du Bourg Tibourg, and Chaton. We then walked to Les Halles to see SAW on wide screen and stumbled out a little dazed and in shock. What an ending :) Speaking of which, went back to Chaton's for some blogging, and a wash of dark clothing. I think the does had a safe nite tonite. Now I'm off to lalaland while the surf-on-sand soothing sounds of the washing machine continue to bleed thru the walls.

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