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Thursday, January 27

Dancing the Night Away...

Went to a dance show tonite at the Palais de Chaillot. The show is called danfe, with the f that was used in old French for the letter we now write s. It is by the troup, and with the same techniques as the opera Les Paladins, which I unfortunately did not see. They mix classical music with breakdancing and video images projected on the back of the stage, life-sized, and it's like a dream where animals and images of the dancers dance with the dancers themselves. Oh, and there is a trampoline, and that's always a plus :D
It's a show like nothing I've ever seen, and it'll put a spring in your step! Hurry and go see it if you're anywhere in the Paris area, and look for it abroad, I know they've been to China, at least, with Les Paladins, so they might go on tour with this one too!
NB : I have four takers on the Postcard from Korea offer, and one whinger who's afraid I'm a serial killer, so there are still slots left. Hurry up and order now while they last! Location : Beauvais, France

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