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Saturday, February 26

Father & Son Project

Wondering where I was all day?
Malebonding with my Old Man! Nothing like sitting in a noisy, drafty truck for the whole length of a country with your progenitor and shooting the bull while eating foie gras sandwiches to rediscover your roots.
Drive On, McDuff
Cuz, you see, it's not just my bro who's rad. My Dad's radder. Altho when he saw Rat Girl at the gas station, he DID say : "I hope your mother doesn't see THAT post, or she'll want one too."
Because sometimes, you need a furry friend to go fill up the car...
Tomorrow : Filling the truck with friends with furniture but without fur, err... with furniture without fur with friends. Even if one of them is a kitten. Or something. Location : Beauvais NB : Oh, and the twelth postcard will go to Pat, and this concludes the first phase of the Asuncion PostCard Giveaway.

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