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Tuesday, February 22

A Hello to Brazil!

Serendipity being the facile, flighty lady that she is, just as we're preparing for a trip to South America which will, if we can organize it, include a side-trip to Brazil, someone got here via a brazilian google search for ascii art + nemo + dory. Actually came up fairly high on that search, but not sure I should be proud of that ;) I get a lot of people who come here, and are probably quite disappointed, looking for Sidhe material. Someone dropped in here looking for Dwarven Poems. I'm not sure the Ulrik Haikus over here where what they were looking for. I'm not exactly the world's greatest poet. People have stopped googling for the Thai Tsunami ChainLetter Debunking Post, but that was a big source of hits for a while. I'm just happy noone's ever googled for this post. Location : Beauvais, France. NB : Gecher Asuncion PostCards whilder hot!

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