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Friday, February 4

Sushi High?

Wow, they even have a name for it : the Sushi High... I've felt it often after sushi. I've been feeling it since last nite, and a day later, it's still going strong. It certainly helped with the public speaking this morning (I'll post about that when I come back down). My, this chair is comfy... Location : Amazed and concerned.

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Blogger Ria intuited...

I just ate some sushi for the first time in years. God, it was really good. It was a takeaway tray from the canteen and the sauces were in sachets with only Japanese writing on them. I squeezed big dollops of the green sauce on each piece of sushi and almost choked when I took a big bite. It was extremely fiery horseradish. My mouth felt as if it had undergone a purification ritual and I'm sure it had killed more germs than Colgate.

2/04/2005 03:19:00 PM  
Blogger Mathieu intuited...


that paste is Wasabi, and it roxx. The fresh kind is sweet and just takes you away.

Glad you liked it!

2/04/2005 03:30:00 PM  

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