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Saturday, April 2

Agents of the Space Fiends

As I toil away, learning the security protocols and scripting languages of the MID secret servers in order to move the priceless content of Ban Sidhe to a secure location, the Agents of the Space Fiends are hard at work. Now that I'm on to how they sap the morale of MetroStoics everywhere by hampering us in our most basic need : commenting, and that I am taking steps to protect our vital interests, they are forced to tip their hand and their treachery against their own species is revealed! They are having "technical difficulties" preventing ftp publishing to remote sites, which just happens to prevent retrieval of Blogger posts for WordPress... but never fear. We shall overcome and soon, all my posts and all your comments will be uploaded here...

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Blogger James intuited...

General James awaits your commands Monsieur Mathieu le President. They shall not over take our walls. We will fight them to the death. Long live Ban Sidhe!!!!!

4/02/2005 08:35:00 PM  

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