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Friday, January 28

A Few Ps Short of a Pod...

It's fortunate that the French aren't yet conditioned to worry about wackoes opening up in public places with assault rifles. I would have scared myself, too. But then, I DO worry about sickies and guns. Not that I have a gun, but how would I have know that? err... I mean, not that I'm a sicky, but ... never mind. I sat in my car on the parking lot of that store for half an hour, talking to myself. It was an animated discussion, with much counting of arguments on fingers to keep track, some sighing, and even some staring up while drumming the wheel with my fists. The thing that would have had me reaching for the phone was that I'd already been to the store, walked thru the aisle mumbling to myself, left hurriedly, drove away, and come back to park a couple minutes later. And just sit there, for thirty minutes... Creepy. All this because this store had EVERY iPod ever made, including the U2 special edition, EXCEPT the Shuffle, which doesn't go on sale in France until the day AFTER I leave for Korea. Oh, the pain... I managed NOT to go back in the store to buy an iPod, or three, but it was hard, O Lord. Life is so cruel. I grabbed some take-out chinese, holed up home, and here I am, trying to pick up the pieces. I'm hoping I can buy one in Seoul, and have made up my mind to suffer the long flight without AppleCare. Location : Beauvais, France Listening to : Today's The Majority Report, Air America, via Podcast. 'The Left Just Got a Little Bit Louder...' Reading : Jellyfish's Graphic Rant on Australia. Kudos, Jellyfish. NB : We still have open slots on the South Korean Postcard Giveaway. Here's your chance to get one of your very own!

2 Insights :

Blogger wendy intuited...

Great self control.

1/28/2005 08:40:00 PM  
Blogger james intuited...

I want an Ipod SOOOOO BADDDDDD!!! Although, as a Buddhist I do realize I don't "need" one and that it is just an "attachment" but hey, you have to have some vices in this world.

1/28/2005 10:08:00 PM  

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