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Sunday, February 13

Doing it Life-Sized

There is a 60" version, too!
Earlier today, I shared some Japanese dolls with you, that came in 11" and 24" versions. Well, there are life-sized ones, too. (Sorry, Jamie, I know you don't like that this comes from Japan, and we all recognize that Japanese culture isn't limited to porn, and that it's popularity as an export says more about us than about the Japanese, but this is too good to pass up.)
And a magazine devoted to the life-sized version...
I carefully chose non-erotic pictures too! Yet, let us not hide behind our pinkies here. These are sex-toys. That their owners will spend untold moolah, time and attention to detail to accessorize them, dress them up, do their make up and then obsess enough to go buy the mag is, frankly, a wonderful bit of humanity. This is exactly why I love people. They never cease to amaze me!
And to make you feel better, Jamie, lemme be the first to tell you that here in France, we actually made a movie about a man, his wife, and his life-sized lovedoll. It was a pretty good romantic comedy from last year, and it didn't have a single anti-japanese joke in it. Plus there is a well-known French manufacturer of such dolls, and they give the Japanese a run for their money, I hear.
Anyhoo, I won't promise not to troll those sites for a little while longer, but I promise not to expose my readers to any more of this stuff. Nope. Not even to the Realdoll to Superbabe consumer test and comparison chart. You guys'll have to google for it.
So there... :P
Location : Land 'o Hypocrisy ;)

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Blogger Kate intuited...

What is the film??!

2/13/2005 10:13:00 AM  
Blogger Mathieu intuited...

Kate, you are soooo right. I really should have researched it before I posted about it. I was lazy.

Here it is.

2/13/2005 01:03:00 PM  

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