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Wednesday, March 16

Now How Cool is That?

A guy spends a week in Paraguay, where they have the slowest Internet connections known to man, and he gets a little behind in his posting, and massively behind in his blog reading. The bloglines notifier in my system tray is telling me I have over 400 posts I need to read. Guess I know how I'm going to kill my productivity today... But that's not the best part. Li'l Bro just started his very own blog! Faithful readers (and you know who you are, since you stuck with me thru both the patchy posting last week AND my total absence of commenting on your own blogs ;D) will know Le Serpent, and not be particularly interested in yet another picture of his pretty face. But fear not, his blog is not about his face (well... not exclusively :P) and makes great reading. But that not the best part of the best part... Our MOTHER IS GOING TO BLOG! I'm in shock... Haven't even followed the link from her comment to her profile yet. :D Only Dad doesn't have the virus yet!

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Blogger gregoire intuited...

22 hits from Ban Sidhe says the tracker thingy. The power you wield, man. Alex and Steph have launched their own blog as well, just a few hours after mine. It's called Plaza Singapura. And they posted on mine that BOTH brothers' pictures were beautiful. That means you owe them a visit.

3/16/2005 04:50:00 PM  
Blogger Mathieu intuited...

I'm on it!

3/16/2005 04:54:00 PM  

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